Wednesday, 22 May 2013
A story

I met a woman last week who only had a few more weeks to live. She came to organise her own funeral flowers to spare her husband the pain of having to do it. I’m trying to find words to put everything together so it makes sense but it doesn’t seem to whichever way I look at it. I’d never felt so helpless and deeply shocked and saddened by someone I’d only known for a few minutes. But although physically struggling she seemed so strong and it felt like she’d found peace with herself and was prepared for what was to come.

It made me feel ashamed of how miserable I feel about myself sometimes with no belief and confidence, feeling just sorry for myself for no reason. Exhausting myself with worry and unnecessary stress.

She reminded me of a wonderwul story I read not that long ago – A monster calls by Patrick Ness with beautiful illustrations by Jim Kay.

Some early summer late spring flowers – Fritillaria, peonies, roses, spirea, clematis, lilac, euonymus, hawthorne and beech





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