Wednesday, 4 June 2014
Dreaming of wild gardens

I’ve missed picking flowers from this garden.

Our garden is slowly but finally taking shape. I’ve been planting, watering, and feeding many new arrivals.  I feel strangely addictive to adding more and more plants. I want to turn the garden that at the moment is very formal and almost boring looking  into a wild and romantic jungle. I got a lot of climbers; roses, clematis, jasmine to cover every wall and fence. For the flowerbeds an abundant mixture of whatever I fall in love with when I see it. Its made me impatient as well though. I have this vision of what I want the garden to look like but all the flowers still seem so small and tiny and only slow growing. I hope it all pays off soon!

A lovely song that I can’t stop listening to.

Flower Arrangment


Flower Arrangment Flowers

Flower bouquet


Flower bouquet Campanulas

Snow goose roses



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